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Yeah, so I lived life outside of the blog

I did this thing called ‘living’ over the last month.  While I was ‘living’, we enjoyed visits from my in laws and some good friends.  We experienced new sights, new venues and created fun memories.

I also took on a challenge; a weight loss challenge.  And to be honest, you can’t really lose weight writing in a blog.  Hence why you haven’t heard much from me!  I started working out, running and changing what I eat and drink.  What’s hilarious is that I thought I had sleep problems; nope, just needed to be more active during waking hours.  You know, if we would all just listen to some pretty handy medical advice every so often, we might get somewhere.  In my case, my doc kept telling me I should work out more as the endorphin’s would really help my mood.  Or try changing up and making my diet more healthy; it’s good for you!  Did I ever mention that I’m really stubborn?

All this happened because I paid attention to the interaction between me, my son and my husband.  Our son wants to run wild and explore because, well, he’s a toddler!  My husband and I were just beat and spent all the time.  I just couldn’t go on living like that.  I didn’t want to hold Lucas back from all the adventure he wanted and truly needs.  So I decided to change pace and make the most of our very brief summer.  I’ve been taking Lucas on my runs, we play in our community park, we have a weekly walk group, I am involved in yoga therapy and most importantly, we all sleep through the night and invest in better foods for more pure energy.  I sometimes want to smack myself for always being so damn stubborn!

Needless to say, I LOVE LIVING!  If you are reading this, it better be in audio format while you are enjoying the great outdoors!

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I really like child’s pose

I finally took a step back into the fitness world and went to my first yoga class tonight. It was one titled Yoga for the Rest of Us and it was a great introduction class. I’m not physically able to get caught up in the hot yoga trend so this class seemed right up my alley. Oh! And it was free. That was definitely a plus!

Now, I’ve done some yoga videos at home so I’m kind of familiar with some of the standard poses. And I’ve stood outside yoga studios like a creeper totally freaking out over the competitiveness of some of the attendees. All of these had me in an upper/downer doozy regarding whether or not yoga was right for me. I used to be really active: gymnastics, dance, and colorguard were the names of my game. But with the awkwardness I’ve felt since recovering from Lucas’ arrival, I just didn’t know what to do to get me into ‘play with a toddler’ shape. Now that Lucas is crawling, I gotta get this rear in gear to be running all over the place after him!

I guess this year I’m going to continue with the resolution I started last year: make ‘me’ a better ‘me’ for my son. I’ve been working on my psyche and surrounding myself and my family with better and supportive people. Now it’s time to get my physical self ready for all that Lucas wants to dish out. I don’t want to hold him back because ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I just can’t physically do that’. I want to experience everything he wants to experience. I’m really excited to see the world the way he does. I need a fresh take; my view has been jaded for far too long.

In short, today was much better than yesterday. I also had a discovery with Lucas: his two top teeth are about to cut! That could probably explain the meltdown yesterday; those teeth look pretty big! So, I leave you with…. Namaste.

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