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Yeah yeah husband schmusband

It’s an easy life being married, you know?  Aaahahahahaa, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.  I’m 29, married and I’m a mom.  When the hell did that happen?!  Last time I checked, I was living the high life of a casual relationship, ok-paying job and parties that only ended at closing time.  I had no clue that by the age of 30, I would find myself living the glamorous life of stay at home mom, wife and part time worker.

I never take it for granted as it’s many a’ woman’s dream to do what I do, but some days, I’m not all that thrilled.  The being a mom to a toddler part is awesome and horrible all at the same time, but I wouldn’t change it.  The really big challenge in life is staying in love with the one person I got to pick to be in my life: the spouse.  I often wonder what conned me into a life of smiling, hugging, kissing, fighting, ignoring and loving this Noah guy.  He’s an alright guy but why him?

A lot of people pick someone who ends up being like someone they know and trust within their family or friends but Noah was like no noah and meone else.  He didn’t talk much, but when he did, I ate up every word.  We argued and said horrible things to each other, but nothing that ever pushed each other away permanently (obviously).  He means well to every one he meets and he is the most loyal friend you could ever ask for.  He respects me as a friend, a confidante, his wife, the mother to his child and overall, a human being.  He’s an excellent provider and always has our family’s best interest at heart.  We may seem awkward and uninterested in each other in public, but behind closed doors, we aren’t that put off by each other. 😉

While we argue, we never go to sleep angry.  We find our ways to effectively communicate and it will never be anything that makes sense to anyone else.  It’s kind of like twin sibling language.  He will always be my soul mate even when I feel like he could use a swift kick in the pants.  I try to remember that in all the bad times, they do not compare to all the good we have accomplished together.  Never forget how important your partner is as they will always be apart of your heart and soul.  Even in the sad days, angry days, happy days, yoga pants/not feeling so hot days, pushing out a child days or even the days of holding each other’s head over a toilet, there is nothing more important or supportive in your life than the one you got to pick to have in your life: husband schmusband.

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Stand by your man

And I did just that.  I knew one day I would find myself taking care of my husband in a great time of need, but I thought a) it would be when it was time for his next kidney transplant and b) it would be later in life; not before he was 30.  But we are the Murphy’s Law couple and we keep putting that to the ultimate test.

A little over 3 weeks ago, my son got a pretty nasty cold and passed it on to me.  Once I was over it, we thought it has completely missed my husband.  Boy were we ever wrong!  Apparently we had contracted a virus called CMV.  For most people with a normal immune system, this lovely thing causes minimal symptoms or even just goes dormant.  But for people like Noah with a suppressed immune system, it wreaks MASSIVE havoc on you and you end up in the hospital taking meds that have to be given to you through a midline and come in chemotherapy bags.  Yeah, it’s been an interesting week of caring for my husband in a hospital while sadly dropping my son off with different people every day.  Lucas did GREAT with each and every person and that was the greatest thing I could ask for.

A lot of people kept mentioning how stressed I must be or worn out I must feel.  I didn’t feel any of that.  My husband needed medical help; I didn’t think twice about getting him that.  In fact, I really didn’t think much about what I was doing.  I just wanted the man I love to not be in the pain he was in so I did EVERYTHING I could to make him comfortable.  The only thing that really tore me up was not having daily interaction with our son as a family.  I hurt every morning and every night when I was only spending an hour at a time with our son while I was spending 12 hours a day at a hospital getting my husband to try and mend and driving up and down the dreaded 405 S-curve.  I just wanted my family as a whole again.

Finally, a week after my husband was admitted to the hospital, he was released and I brought him home after an extensive training regarding his at home care and administering his meds.  It was the one wish I wanted for my birthday and I find myself tearing up just thinking that at 27, turning 28, I had grown into this wife and mom who could care less about what I actually DID on my birthday; I just wanted my family to be with me.  I will always stand by my men as they make me the best ‘me’….

My greatest treasures


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I’ll be there…

This week has been a exciting/trying time in our home.  I was so excited to have my mother come visit from Texas and it was so helpful as I wanted to finally get some kind of start on decorating our new home.  We’ve been in this house going on the better part of a year, but with a brand new baby around, you really don’t get much done besides just cuddling and nurturing that babe.

It’s been trying as the early part of the week was spent getting Lucas and I in recovery mode from some horrible colds, but it only progressed into Noah getting a horrible flu.  He hasn’t been eating, barely gets out of bed and just tries to sleep all the time.   This bug was the first ‘go around the family and bring the family down’ one.  I hear they are pretty popular when you have a baby.  Bleh, I’ll pass on this being a common occurrence.  And what’s more hilarious, you would think the ‘man’ of the family would be the toughest; they end up being the biggest whimps on either side of the Mississippi.

But I put on my ‘mommy/caretaker’ hat and got everyone to stay on track.  We went off the rails a bit today as this mama is just exhausted from spreading myself out, but oh well, I keep a pretty good stock of wine in the house so I’ll find a way to cope.  Hey, all people have their vices; I consider a glass of wine here and there to be the lesser of the evils.  If it makes my eye stop twitching for a bit, I’LL TAKE IT!

On a side note, as many of you might have noticed, I got around to getting my own podcast going.  It’s called Momodcasts and it is a cast for the modern mom.  Please take time when you have it (I totally feel ya on that one) and get a listen. I’m always up for topics to discuss and I do want to have other moms guest host with me, both near and far.  If you see a post on here that has ‘Momodcasts’ in the title, it means there will be a link to the latest podcast and I will have links to both iTunes and the non-iTunes feed.

Back to the matter at hand, I FINALLY got the ‘man’ to eat after days of missing out on food and he did book an appointment for the doctor.  Why is booking a doctor’s appointment like the worst thing that happens to a man?  I’m pretty certain making them do anything is just like giving birth in their eyes; just the most painful thing EVER!  If anyone has tips on getting their man conned into something, I’m all ears!

All pissing and moaning aside, I would never change these characters in my life.  They make it the perfect family for me.  They are why I get up in the morning (though I usually need toothpicks to hold my eyes open), they are why I push through all the crap my body is going through post-giving birth, and why I know what love is and is really all about.  I love our little family in all of our dysfunction and I will always be there for them…

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