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Yeah, so I lived life outside of the blog

I did this thing called ‘living’ over the last month.  While I was ‘living’, we enjoyed visits from my in laws and some good friends.  We experienced new sights, new venues and created fun memories.

I also took on a challenge; a weight loss challenge.  And to be honest, you can’t really lose weight writing in a blog.  Hence why you haven’t heard much from me!  I started working out, running and changing what I eat and drink.  What’s hilarious is that I thought I had sleep problems; nope, just needed to be more active during waking hours.  You know, if we would all just listen to some pretty handy medical advice every so often, we might get somewhere.  In my case, my doc kept telling me I should work out more as the endorphin’s would really help my mood.  Or try changing up and making my diet more healthy; it’s good for you!  Did I ever mention that I’m really stubborn?

All this happened because I paid attention to the interaction between me, my son and my husband.  Our son wants to run wild and explore because, well, he’s a toddler!  My husband and I were just beat and spent all the time.  I just couldn’t go on living like that.  I didn’t want to hold Lucas back from all the adventure he wanted and truly needs.  So I decided to change pace and make the most of our very brief summer.  I’ve been taking Lucas on my runs, we play in our community park, we have a weekly walk group, I am involved in yoga therapy and most importantly, we all sleep through the night and invest in better foods for more pure energy.  I sometimes want to smack myself for always being so damn stubborn!

Needless to say, I LOVE LIVING!  If you are reading this, it better be in audio format while you are enjoying the great outdoors!

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I want to see the world, all of it, and not from my couch

Every June and July, my husband’s company starts a program called Boeing on the Move, where they wear a pedometer and are challenged to take at least 5,000 steps every day.  They will receive rewards at the end for doing so, but really, it’s to build healthier habits and get you ‘on the move’.  They are nice enough to send a new pedometer every year so this year, I used my husband’s old pedometer and decided to challenged myself!  And it led to this: Help Chrystal Reach Her Goal Weight!

I am now challenging myself to drop 65lbs by my 29th birthday (02/10/2013).  I want to do this to create more energy for myself, feel better about myself and to always have energy to keep up with my son.  I never want to hold him back from doing any activity he wants just because ‘I’m too tired’.  So not only have I been managing at least 5,000 steps every day, I have been doing different workouts each day and going on walks/hikes when the weather allows.  One day, I reached over 21,000 steps!

I created the Facebook event to have people cheer me on, give me tips and just see how I’m coming along.  I really need the support and accountability so knowing that others are watching and wondering if I’m going to complete the goal really makes me strive for that goal.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to get going on this.  I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I always come up with some excuse that detours me.  But this time, I told myself, “I’m not getting any younger; it’s only going to get harder to lose the weight; you deserve better than looking like you don’t care about yourself.”

I’m challenging you to join my Facebook event and cheer me on!  It might even motivate you to take up the very same challenge!

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You really have to remember to put yourself first

That title is quite the slap in the face to me.  I mean, I know how to take care of my basic ‘me’ needs like eating, sleeping, showering and going to the bathroom, but to take care of this intellectual, emotional and physical being is just so foreign sometimes.  And having Lucas didn’t make it any better.  Well, this week, that all changed.  I did something for me and it was such a DUH!

I got my top wisdom teeth pulled that had cracked/destroyed the two molars in front of them.  I have been in pain for a little over 6 years and due to horrible or no insurance, I put it off and found ways to cope.  Even dental care is a basic necessity and I couldn’t even figure that out.  But I’ve made other changes that are making me feel more secure and more like I’m my own me.  I started drinking more water rather than surviving on crutches, I started working out, I started taking pride in my appearance again, I evaluated how I was portraying and communicating with others and figured out how I could better represent me and I’ve been seeing a doctor to talk about my past, present and future.

The last change noted has been most helpful for my psyche as I needed to understand my ‘different’ points and not feel so alone.  The rest has done such a number on all the other departments as well as making sleep so much more rewarding.  I’ve also started returning to some work.  I’m in the process of joining our HOA’s Board of Directors and I’ve become quite involved with my church on different projects.  I feel like I’m contributing outside my home again and that when the time is right for me to enter the workforce again, I will be prepared for it.

As a mother, I found myself getting lost is so many other parenting styles that I forgot what I was doing as a mom.  I finally shrugged the Empire State Building sized amount of senseless information and got back to my gut instinct.  I also worked on understanding my life as a wife and what my husband needs of me.  All of these people need me to be me and that’s why we all love and need each other in the first place.  It’s again so profound that the statement ‘Getting Back to the Basics’ really means just that and can be used in all facets of life.  I encourage each and every one of you to sit down at least once a week and figure out how you can get back to what makes you the happy you.  You’ll be surprised by who all this will affect; most importantly, YOU!

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Just because you know the answer, doesn’t mean you should put in your two cents

I always enjoyed the ways the Northwest has changed me except for one thing.  We live in the land of know it all’s who constantly share unsolicited advice and I’m starting to fall into that trap.  I always enjoyed figuring things out myself but if I was really curious about something, I would hunt down Google or a SME and get myself educated.  As I have grown older and become wiser in some departments, I’ve found myself sharing advice and then I smack myself as I know if I was that person, I probably wouldn’t want to hear what I had to say.

Some topics that really need to be left alone: pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, religion/spirituality, the roaring 20’s and health issues. (I’m certain I’ve left out some other big ones but these are ones that I have seen go wild in the last year)  Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting really does not warrant unsolicited advice unless you believe that the parties involved are in SERIOUS harm.  Otherwise, the human race has been procreating for a number of years and seems to keep figuring it out.  But it needs to go both ways.  I know I need to can it sometimes as most parents become quite passionate about their experiences in these departments, but it can harm trust in a friendship, just like talking about politics.

Religion/spirituality is also hot button like politics as it’s a secret path into the person’s beliefs and it shows their true colors.  We live in a jaded world with everyone having walls somewhere and since passionate conversations pour out of this topic, it’s best just to let it be.

The roaring 20’s is the wild ride many of us take with entering into college and the bar/club scene.  It can be a fun one, but be harmful and dangerous too.  This goes back to an earlier statement, this “does not warrant unsolicited advice unless you believe that the parties involved are in SERIOUS harm”.  Everyone wants to be happy and feel good and everyone seeks it a different way.  No harm, no foul.

And as far as health issues go, if the person is getting help and not neglecting the issue, let them handle it!  Be supportive of someone who is seeking care as you don’t spend day and night with them and do not know exactly what they are going through.  If they are talking to you about it, just be there to listen unless they ask for help.

I do apologize to the people who I’ve pressed my advice upon.  Like I said ‘if I was them, I wouldn’t want that!’.  I, myself, am working on it and I think a lot of people should take note as it would break down a lot of walls in this world if we were more considerate of everyone’s paths in life.


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It takes more out of me than you might think

For the longest time in my life, I’ve been tormented by what feels like anxiety, depression, overwhelmed, frazzled, explosive and like I’m hitting a wall.  I just felt crazy.  Not in the ‘ha ha’ way, but in the ‘I feel alone and should probably be committed’ sort of way.  So for years, I made myself and everyone close to me miserable.  I lost a lot of friends and shunned a lot of people because I just didn’t think they got what I was going through.  After having Lucas, I just couldn’t get through a day without feeling crippled by fear and anxiety.  I finally got help…

I talked with my PCP and she said it was time to see a behavioral specialist aka a therapist.  I go weekly to just vent over what I fret about and maybe if anything in my subconscious has led me to be overwhelmed and overstimulated by every day life.  Come to find out I have a lovely condition known as HSP ( highly sensitive person ).  I process all events, emotions and every day tasks with such intensity that I tend to flood my brain, nerves, emotions and overall sanity.  I can become explosive and irrational if I can’t take time to decompress and isolate myself from what is overwhelming me.  I feel like I am cornered sometimes if I can’t reach a calm place to decompress.

I speak of this as I know there are a lot of people out there that suffer and what can hurt them is getting no or the wrong kind of help.  There is no ‘cure’ for it and nothing to immediately calm you.  You just have to learn to pace your days and when you have a highly stressful or emotional day, you have to learn how to seclude yourself.  Meds will not help so don’t wander down a path full of pills.  My ‘cure’ for a while was to booze up and that just made things worse.  I thought drinking was sedating and relaxing, but really it was just postponing and bottling up the problem.

HSP isn’t all bad; it can also give you insight to many situations.  You can enjoy art and the outdoors more deeply; same goes for music.  You can also pick up on subliminal messages in most situations, but that can also hurt an experience if someone isn’t enjoying it like you hoped.

I highly recommend reading up on the topic if you think you need help, but I really recommend seeing a therapist as they can guide you to understand how to handle and cope with the tough times.  I have good days and bad days, but the good days are growing more than the bad ones.  I’ve also started working more on creating a routine in my life so I know what to expect more of my days, rather than just winging it.  Routine and structure really help!

If you have any questions or are wondering if this applies to you, please feel free to send me an email or leave a comment and I can get you some tools and resources.

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