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This mama looks forward to a new season-Momodcasts

I look forward to fall rolling in and I also look for tips to work on sanitizing my house as the gross viruses and bugs creep their way in! iTunes user or non-iTunes user

Side note: I’m doing my first 5k on October 13th for Walk like MADD.  As a lot of you know, I lost my father in a drunk driving accident and this is an important cause to me.  If you feel up for donating, please visit my page…

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This mama is coming after insurance companies-Momodcasts

Yep, dental insurance is like pulling teeth. HA! iTunes user or non-iTunes user

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What other parenting style could there be?-Momodcasts

I apologize in advance for my tirade as it’s all getting a bit old. iTunes user or non-iTunes user

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This mama gives some meal planning tips-Momodcasts

In this edition, we discuss tips I’ve learned over the year regarding meal planning non-iTunes user or iTunes user

Here is the link to the Google Document which outlines some of my main points.

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This mama flexes her home improvement muscles-Momodcasts

I gib gab about many things that lead up to spring time and home improvement projects! iTunes user or non-iTunes user

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Let’s Talk over Happy Hour-Momodcasts

This mama sets the atmosphere for a happy hour chat regarding spring cleaning, fav/least fav times with your kiddos and shocking surprises… iTunes user or non-iTunes user

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This mama has a copy cat-Momodcast

I actually don’t talk much about my kiddo this time… i-Tunes user or non i-Tunes user

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This mama gabs from her own space-Momodcasts

I dish while eating Girl Scout cookies in my new me space! iTunes user or non-iTunes user

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This Mama is hurting-Momodcasts

I break down on several different topics… iTunes listener or non-iTunes listener

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