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This mama looks forward to a new season-Momodcasts

I look forward to fall rolling in and I also look for tips to work on sanitizing my house as the gross viruses and bugs creep their way in! iTunes user or non-iTunes user

Side note: I’m doing my first 5k on October 13th for Walk like MADD.  As a lot of you know, I lost my father in a drunk driving accident and this is an important cause to me.  If you feel up for donating, please visit my page…

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It’s fall… So now what?

My husband and I LOVE fall.  I think when we renew our vows, it will be done during the fall.  There is just a certain change in the wind that makes you breathe in with a new approach on your days and breathe out a huge sigh of relief.  It’s almost like the first snow of winter that makes everyone think to a simpler time in their life when you didn’t have to pressure yourself and others around you.

This year, fall is a little different.  This year, our son is old enough to start being more involved with activities and we must now accommodate his wonder.  I’ve started putting more thought in decorating our home; not just for our son, but we are homeowners and I want to decorate the place I love.  I used to be so busy working that I didn’t really celebrate holidays through any sort of decoration.  Thanks to my new found love for Pinterest, I am practically over-saturated with DIY projects and crafts for all the holidays.

I think back to what my parents used to do for all the seasons and I’m quickly becoming a carbon copy of my mother (shocking, huh?).  My mom made sure my sister and I had DIY-ed every season in every way possible.  We didn’t have much money growing up so recycling and re-purposing was not a far fetched concept.  I see now we live in such an instant-gratification world that slowing down to make a paper airplane out of a TPS report is too much work; best to just buy one on Amazon or Woot as time is money.

I hope that no matter what stage of life you are in, you will take a moment for that huge breathe in and big sigh out.  The smile it will bring to your face will be quite contagious.

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Yeah, so I lived life outside of the blog

I did this thing called ‘living’ over the last month.  While I was ‘living’, we enjoyed visits from my in laws and some good friends.  We experienced new sights, new venues and created fun memories.

I also took on a challenge; a weight loss challenge.  And to be honest, you can’t really lose weight writing in a blog.  Hence why you haven’t heard much from me!  I started working out, running and changing what I eat and drink.  What’s hilarious is that I thought I had sleep problems; nope, just needed to be more active during waking hours.  You know, if we would all just listen to some pretty handy medical advice every so often, we might get somewhere.  In my case, my doc kept telling me I should work out more as the endorphin’s would really help my mood.  Or try changing up and making my diet more healthy; it’s good for you!  Did I ever mention that I’m really stubborn?

All this happened because I paid attention to the interaction between me, my son and my husband.  Our son wants to run wild and explore because, well, he’s a toddler!  My husband and I were just beat and spent all the time.  I just couldn’t go on living like that.  I didn’t want to hold Lucas back from all the adventure he wanted and truly needs.  So I decided to change pace and make the most of our very brief summer.  I’ve been taking Lucas on my runs, we play in our community park, we have a weekly walk group, I am involved in yoga therapy and most importantly, we all sleep through the night and invest in better foods for more pure energy.  I sometimes want to smack myself for always being so damn stubborn!

Needless to say, I LOVE LIVING!  If you are reading this, it better be in audio format while you are enjoying the great outdoors!

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