The end of an era. But why are we ignoring that it’s ending?

Yes, I’m quite aware that it’s been a hot minute since I shared some Chrystal wisdom, but don’t you worry, I’ve been building up some good words!  So this is the one that’s been itching at me the most.  The end of being a real lady.  Yep, I said it; we’ve lost the era of grace and ‘lady like’ behavior.  Suddenly being scandalous, over the top and pushing the envelope is all this generation knows and is advertising.  And to be completely honest, men are not doing so hot either.  But are we really supporting either gender to be more graceful or chivalrous?  Nope…

If anything, we are supporting it by shoving it in each other’s face.  We advertise it on billboards, in books, in magazines and of course, through television.  We advertise that showing more (both outside and in) is going to get us ahead, get us more respect and get us noticed more quickly.  I’m not speaking as though I’m not included in this behavior; there was a good chunk of my early 20’s that was spent making my late 20’s self look like a fool.  But what I can tell you is that I had to learn the hard way that being ‘showing off’ thin and mouthy didn’t quite cater to the folks who I really needed to be gaining attention from.  And like I said before, men are not doing so hot either.  They publicize treating their spouses and/or partners badly and betraying their friends to get ahead as though they receive flashy awards for such actions.  Their choice of clothing to express their individualism is less than becoming and has made me grateful  that I’m married to a man who knows to dress appropriately for all occasions.

And if I hear one more time that ‘sex sells’, I’m going to hurl into a fit.  This comes back to pushing the envelope.  Do we honestly believe that past activists fighting for our rights really wanted us exposing ourselves?  I completely understand that our fore fathers fought for the First Amendment, but do we believe free speech is really about exposing ourselves in ridiculously inappropriate ways?  We’ve stained our minds so much we accept it and don’t push back.  I’ve even watched parents allow their children to dress sexy because they think ‘it’s cute’.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  The reason we have to candy coat every discussion to every person on this planet is because we are being forced to have completely unnecessary conversations with our children way too soon.

Lastly, etiquette and manners.  Did we miss the memo about being courteous to others so they will be courteous to us?  I had a man come up to me yesterday and thank me out of shock because I helped him parallel park while I was holding Lucas.  REALLY?!  People helping people is unheard of?  This generation needs to get a grip and begin a 180 transition.  Start teaching your children early how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.  How to help another person out when it looks like they are struggling.  Know to never speak an ill word about someone close to them and to never do harm to anyone.  Never take advantage of someone’s misfortune and always be smiling as there is always someone who needs a smiling face.  We also need to know when to put our foot down to our children when they are pushing boundaries that should even be noticed at their age and to also limit that exposure from those around them.  If you make it clear to those around you that such influence is not acceptable, it will trickle through the pipelines and maybe even correct some bad behavior.  You might think I’m silly or crazy for thinking this should happen, but why don’t you stop and think about why it’s acceptable for any of these behaviors to go on?  Change always starts with one person.  Spread the word.


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