Before you start hatin’, know your foe

In the wake of President Obama stating his Christian beliefs (and his daughters) helped him decide to support gay marriage, I’ve read quite a few sites that have stated they don’t understand how that’s possible.  I’m also well aware of the Biblical verses that are quoted as stating gay marriage is a sin.  I think  some folks need some educational material regarding how a good portion of us Christians support gay marriage.  (The following statements are my own through study and discussion with other Christians; I have attended mostly Methodists churches and had a short time spent with a Non-Denominational church.  My opinions reflect my study with these backgrounds.)

First off, we understand that God is love.  God wants his children happy and to respect, appreciate and love one another.  In case everyone forgot, marriage started off as a business arrangement.  It was meant to merge powerful families.  While it does still exist, a good portion of the human race believes marriage is about love.  So if we revert to my earlier statement that God is love and wants his children to be happy, why should we involve our political beliefs to stop it?

Now, the verses that state gay union is a sin is misread.  Most of the verses which state being against any sort of gay union were throughout the Old Testament.  In the New Testament, Jesus did not speak of gay union.  When Jesus came and worked throughout the people, He helped EVERYONE.  He never turned someone away because of their beliefs or whatever condition they may be in.  It is also understood that Jesus came and died for us to be cleaned and cleared of all of our sin, thus making The Old Testament laws obsolete.  Yes, The Bible is open to interpretation and everyone reads it and understands it differently (just as I read and understand it this way), it’s also being researched to check if all the original Hebrew words were translated correctly.

Lastly, a good portion of society likes to make their idea of Christians based on congregations with radical motives.  These beliefs do not reflect the entire Christian faith.  Just as one group of Atheists, Buddhists, Catholics, Lutherans, Jewish, Hindus and many other religious groups may have radical groups that does not mean the entire faith feels that way.  I choose not to generalize society as a whole, but the opinions I receive on a regular basis from friends seem to believe we, Christians, are all bad apples setting judgement on all.  It’s not our place to pass judgement and no one should feel that way.  True Christians show love to all and embrace each other.

I will send you off on the Statement of Inclusion from the church I’m attending (Fairwood Community UMC) and I feel it is fantastic representation of the path all Christians should be walking towards: “We believe in the ever present love of God as witnessed through Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We believe that each person is loved by God and is of sacred worth.

Therefore, by God’s grace:

We welcome all persons to our Church without regard to race, ethnic or cultural background, social status, gender, sexual orientation, age, theological perspective, political affiliation, or other means people use to categorize and discriminate against others. We express God’s hospitality by creating a safe, healing and transforming place for all to enter. We celebrate the gifts of all who come seeking God, Christian community and justice in our world, and we welcome all into the life and ministry of our Church. We recognize the inter-relatedness of all creation and we declare that we grow in grace and in the knowledge of God when we embrace diversity. We uphold the motto of our denomination – Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.”

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