Just remember: it’s not personal

The more and more I spend time in ‘isolation’, the more I understand how alienated I have become.  But, I can see a lot more things and people more clearly and I’m really glad to have this time.  One of the things I’ve noticed is how ‘personal’ Facebook has become.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m on it frequently and use it frequently.  I didn’t realize that people were limited on their usage of such a tool.  I enjoy it as a free tool to show my family across the states what we are up to and to remain friends with folks who used to be apart of my days.

Now this may be an extreme, but some people are using Facebook as motive for killings and other drastic measures.  UM WHAT?!  Come on, folks, it’s just Facebook.  I’ve overheard people say they are afraid to ‘friend’ or ‘not friend’ or ‘de-friend’ someone as they don’t want to hurt their feelings.  REALLY?!  It’s a website and it doesn’t need to be that personal.  Just because you do or do not want someone seeing what you are up to doesn’t mean feelings should be hurt.  I thought we lived in such a jaded, desensitized world that it wouldn’t be this big of a deal.

But I will note, I have had my feeling hurt or put down by not things said on Facebook, but things people say in relation to Facebook.  Apparently, people have become so desensitized, they forgot how to give someone a phone call or drop by with a coffee; they just say ‘Oh, I’ve been following you on Facebook, so I know what’s going on’.  So now Facebook feeds erase the need for person to person conversation? That is most disappointing to hear.  I guess now that we have computers to talk for us, the human race is invalid?  I hope someone will inform me otherwise.

So I just keep telling myself, it’s not personal.  And apparently, everyone else who has something to say regarding the interpersonal relationships developed on these social media sites, guess what?  It’s not personal.

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2 thoughts on “Just remember: it’s not personal

  1. Ashley says:

    Facebook has become so much more than just a friendly website. LIke you mentioned, people getting their feelings hurt, drama from what someone said, etc. I agree it is a great site to keep in touch but I have thought about taking a break once or twice, just to see how it would impact me. Haven’t been able to cut the ties yet though. 🙂

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