Home Improvement Project #1: Painting Walls

Today, we were blessed with a beautiful day and helpful people to start our series of home improvement projects.  Today, we painted the walls of our living room and dining room (we have an open floor plan between the living room, dining room and kitchen).  I’ve been nervous for so long regarding painting as I’ve heard so many horror stories, I just don’t have the patience for boo boos that I’ll just stare at and have them burn my eyes.  Today, my husband and I left behind our ‘painting virgin’ titles and became educated painters.  So I’m going to share our journey today as we are now wiser…

After months of sticking paint samples to walls in different times of day to see how the natural light would play with the colors, we came down to charcoal gray.  I truly enjoy the contrast that will happen once we complete a later project involving painting our trim and cabinets white.  We were really concerned about darkening these rooms with too dark of a color as we can be limited on natural light.  Once we began painting, I knew we made the right decision in this color.  We are a modern decor couple who enjoys clean lines and VERY little design clutter (actually, just clutter in general; we frown on it).

Here are some tips we learned today:

-We ‘splurged’ on Behr Premium Plus 2-in-1 primer paint at $30/gal and it was well worth it!  We only had to do one coat and by the time we got to the other side of the room, the beginning side was already dry and we were able to put everything back in it’s place within a half an hour of painting.  I LOVE that paint and I highly recommend it.  We went to Home Depot to get the paint and the gentleman at the paint counter was just so friendly and so informative.  I will always go there for our paint from now on.  (Trust me, we are uber super cheap people and this really was a splurge for us.  But time is money and this paint was worth it)

-While taping is a pain, it’s well worth it in the end.  We used Frog Tape and it gave us such clean lines and the tape went on/came off very easily.

-Make sure you know how to use a roller.  Our friend has done MANY home projects over the years and is well educated in painting techniques.  We were schooled today in applying paint properly (yes, you can apply it wrong and it looks like major crapola).  Make sure your roller has adequate paint on it and apply in a ‘Wu-Tang W’ pattern moving right to left.  We were golden once we got the hang of that.

-Use plastic paint trays.  Paint washes out of those with just water.  Metal ones involve you using a plastic liner, totally wasteful.

-Learn the ‘feathering’ techniques with a brush to get clean edges in corners, along trim, windows and ceilings.

-Don’t forget drop cloths and always watch where you are stepping.  Drop cloths are pointless if you step in a blob and then walk all over your house. (I almost did it, but luckily thought to check my shoes before walking off the cloth!)

-Keep a damp rag or sponge handy to touch up boo boos as you go.

-Once you remove your outlet covers, put tape over them so you don’t have to worry about getting paint on them.  One less thing to watch out for/clean up.

-HAVE FUN!  This is such an easy, fun project if you’ve done your homework on your color and techniques.  And there is nothing more fun than making a house your home.

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3 thoughts on “Home Improvement Project #1: Painting Walls

  1. Ashley says:

    Great post! This will definitely come in handy. What type of brushes do you need? Are some better quality than others?

    • We used a 2″ brush and don’t go for cheap supplies. The fuller the brush, the better. It’s going to hold the paint better and longer so you won’t have to use as much.

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