It takes a village, not just in raising your child

When you get married, you have this blissful ‘newlywed’ stage.  Well, most of the human race does.  I guess I had just been with Noah for so long that after the first week, it was business as usual.  While I do get a little more pitter patter in my heart when I call Noah ‘my husband’ now, I guess I sometimes take for granted the harmonious wavelength we are on.  While we weren’t always such a yin yang, we finally found our niche.  Shockingly, we really like being parents together.  I guess since we did our relationship ‘out of order’ by moving in together rapidly, moving across the country together rapidly, becoming home owners, becoming parents and THEN getting married, we found out we wanted the kiddo factor before getting married (not recommended in all situations, just happened to work for us).

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘It takes a village to….’?  Probably quite frequently as it is really tried and true.  Raising a child is not always easy and neither is having a successful marriage.  You truly need those around you who support the idea of marriage and even more specifically, your marriage, to make your vows last through and through.  You may have to realign some people and situations in your life to make this work, but if you are as committed as you said during your vows, this should not be so tough.  The reason for all the (positive) influence is so that in heated times, you have some clearer eyes to see something you are missing.  Same reason it’s important to listen to those around you who have children while you are in the newborn blur.  You will never have 20/20 vision in highly-emotional times and if you overreact, the mean fireworks are never good. (They are not as pretty as a well choreographed grand finale, but in YOUR mind, you’ve probably shown up The Chinese New Year.)

While it may not be your favorite idea to listen to those who have walked the line before you and it may not be exactly be what you would do, at least take it in like an informative brochure.  You might not need it now, but man, when the 9.0 quake hits, you’ll be ready.  Just know that just because everything may currently be smooth sailing, there may come a time when the world shifts around you and makes things very unpleasant.  Have that foundation and support around you and you will get through the shaky time quickly and be a better, more reliable couple after that.  It’s the least you can do for that thousands of dollar tab you two rang up celebrating this union, yeah?  In the spirit of Easter, hop to it!

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