Looking into the future with hope and excitement

I, for once in this hectic year, get to look into the future and plan things that I’m not completely stressed about!  We have Lucas’ 1 year birthday party at the end of the month (really?  I would really like to know where this year went), a community clean up for our HOA, and we are beginning home projects this month!  As long as none of us end up in the hospital, I’m pretty stoked about the future!

There truly is so much to be grateful for right now.  It’s not often that I look over our calendar and I don’t see anything that brings absolutely dread over me.  Think about it: how often do you look over your calendar and not think ‘UGH, GAH! WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THAT?!’  For the last year, Lucas has definitely got me out of some situations, but mostly, he just made some situations more awkward. But eh, he’s a baby.

Tell me about some things you are looking forward to in the next couple months or even this year?  If there is planning involved, are you on track?  Each month I will do a blog post regarding whatever home project we are completing that month.  It will be after the project so I can share some tips we learned along the way.  If you have any tips to share with me regarding painting (walls, cabinets, trim), putting screens in windows (we are hiring a company so any recommendations would be great), putting up a backsplash in our kitchen and bathrooms, and putting up a wood fence (we are getting pre-treated wood since we live in an area with tons of rain), I will happily take all the tips we can get since we are first time homeowners and do-it-yourselfers.

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2 thoughts on “Looking into the future with hope and excitement

  1. Ashley says:

    Ah, home projects! We’re getting ready too. Heat pump installed next week, and deck/fence guy coming over tonight to do a bid. Are you guys going to paint your trim? I wish we had white trim, but it would just be a beast to paint, so I’m trying to figure out what wall colors will go with what we have.

    • We are painting walls this month (just downstairs), ordering screens next month, doing trim and cabinets in June, backsplash in July and fence in August. We are doing charcoal grey downstairs with white trim and white cabinets. Painting trim isn’t too bad since we know someone who flips condos and knows how to pull these things off. I’m hoping by the end of the year, the massive face lift will be complete. We are just committed to one big project per month for both financial reasons and our sanity.

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