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I break down on several different topics… iTunes listener or non-iTunes listener

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One thought on “This Mama is hurting-Momodcasts

  1. Lyndi says:

    Good job on your podcast! Thanks for the shoutout for my ouchie ribs. 😉

    I love the happiest baby on the block series. I actually just picked up the happiest toddler on the block book, after reading happiest baby on the block. Eli and I also went to a happiest baby on the block class that went over some great tips. Thankfully I have gotten to see it in action and practice techniques with a bunch of my friends babies and toddlers. It works!

    I think it is a bummer that there are places banning kids/babies. Eventually it will be a marketing platform for other businesses and options to be able to say “We are family friendly!”

    Sad to hear about the family that sued the Oregon hospital. Hopefully they will evolve their opinions to regret their statements in the future, and if not hopefully there will be people in that kids life that without condition show the child love and acceptance.

    The topic of structure and routine almost goes into a nature vs nurture debate. However, I also see that structure and routine is often mixed up with convenient schedules around the parents. Being the best parent you can be is obviously a good thing, especially when it comes to making the best decisions we are able to make. Yet, does it mean that the child will grow up to be a fantastic adult or if you are a terrible parent the kid will end up behind bars? Not necessarily. We all do the best we know how to do.

    Just like anyone else I am full of opinions, a few I probably value too highly and most I am willing to let go once I learn something else. My current goal is to try and avoid assuming -anything.

    Once again, great job! Glad you are having fun with creating podcasts.

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