Listen to your elders

I’ve always been fond of stories from past generations.  I’m pretty certain I was either REALLY happy in a past life or I was born in the wrong time.  My music taste is very eclectic but not with newer music.  I have old morals and beliefs but I’ve updated some to be more up to date.  I even have old taste in decorating, but I prefer some modern points as well.

I always remember being so fond of stories that my grandparents would tell me.  Whether it be from how they met, how they interacted with their friends or how they were involved in different wars; I was always all ears when it came to these times.  I used to love listening to an old radio at one of my grandparents’ house; I inherited a box of old keepsakes from one grandmother that even had the title to her very first car when she got married to my grandfather.  I really don’t know what it is about those golden years, but I really cannot get enough of it!

It really breaks my heart that a lot of my elders will not be/are not around for Lucas to get these stories or great morals instilled in him.  While I know I can tell him these stories, they just don’t hold the meanings as when they came from the original owners.  While I know society as a whole is marching forward and evolving, you can’t blame me for wanting these kinds of values apart of our family.  Our elders help shape the world we know today.  I know children are our future, but we have to teach them to know how to shape our future in a way that is fair, just and solid for all.

For those who have children or are about to have children, this is really something to ponder: How are you shaping your child to be a valuable asset to our future?  Remember to listen to your elders….

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