I’ll be there…

This week has been a exciting/trying time in our home.  I was so excited to have my mother come visit from Texas and it was so helpful as I wanted to finally get some kind of start on decorating our new home.  We’ve been in this house going on the better part of a year, but with a brand new baby around, you really don’t get much done besides just cuddling and nurturing that babe.

It’s been trying as the early part of the week was spent getting Lucas and I in recovery mode from some horrible colds, but it only progressed into Noah getting a horrible flu.  He hasn’t been eating, barely gets out of bed and just tries to sleep all the time.   This bug was the first ‘go around the family and bring the family down’ one.  I hear they are pretty popular when you have a baby.  Bleh, I’ll pass on this being a common occurrence.  And what’s more hilarious, you would think the ‘man’ of the family would be the toughest; they end up being the biggest whimps on either side of the Mississippi.

But I put on my ‘mommy/caretaker’ hat and got everyone to stay on track.  We went off the rails a bit today as this mama is just exhausted from spreading myself out, but oh well, I keep a pretty good stock of wine in the house so I’ll find a way to cope.  Hey, all people have their vices; I consider a glass of wine here and there to be the lesser of the evils.  If it makes my eye stop twitching for a bit, I’LL TAKE IT!

On a side note, as many of you might have noticed, I got around to getting my own podcast going.  It’s called Momodcasts and it is a cast for the modern mom.  Please take time when you have it (I totally feel ya on that one) and get a listen. I’m always up for topics to discuss and I do want to have other moms guest host with me, both near and far.  If you see a post on here that has ‘Momodcasts’ in the title, it means there will be a link to the latest podcast and I will have links to both iTunes and the non-iTunes feed.

Back to the matter at hand, I FINALLY got the ‘man’ to eat after days of missing out on food and he did book an appointment for the doctor.  Why is booking a doctor’s appointment like the worst thing that happens to a man?  I’m pretty certain making them do anything is just like giving birth in their eyes; just the most painful thing EVER!  If anyone has tips on getting their man conned into something, I’m all ears!

All pissing and moaning aside, I would never change these characters in my life.  They make it the perfect family for me.  They are why I get up in the morning (though I usually need toothpicks to hold my eyes open), they are why I push through all the crap my body is going through post-giving birth, and why I know what love is and is really all about.  I love our little family in all of our dysfunction and I will always be there for them…

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