I can’t do me all by myself

For a long time I didn’t know where I stood in life.  I didn’t know my place, I didn’t know what I had to offer and I just felt so ambiguous.  I still don’t feel 100% but I definitely feel like I have a grip on things.  I always thought I would figure this path out on my own; that I didn’t need anyone else to explain it to me or make it right but I got a subtle awakening in June.  After waking up from a haze of no sleep as I was a very new mom, I found out I was married.  It’s surprising how refreshed I felt when I woke up on the morning of June 24th.  I felt like I had awaken from a very long sleep, like the world was new and in the palm of my hand.  I’ve pretty much treated it that way ever since.

While it was a long decision between Noah and I for me to stay home with Lucas, for us, I feel like it was the best decision we’ve made next to getting married.  I felt weird and locked away from the world by staying home; I really just felt like I was contributing to society anymore.  I had worked since I was 15 and staying at home made me feel lazy.  I found my place maintaining our home and caring for our son, but I always felt like I needed more.  It came up while we were in the middle of our house hunt and surprisingly Noah was all for it.  Putting myself out there to maintain and build client’s social media presence has really been quite interesting.  But I decided to take this all to a different level and build my own online presence.  Here comes my latest project: Momodcasts.

It’s going to be a podcast for the modern mom.  Why I say ‘I can’t do me all by myself’ is because everyone I know makes me, me.  And I want to incorporate that into my podcasts.  My fellow moms, my husband and occasionally I’m certain you’ll hear my kiddo.  When people mention that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!  But it also takes a village to keep my head on straight; I’m not shy to admit that and I absorb that concept whole-heartedly.

If you didn’t catch the introduction post, click here and get yourself a very little taste of what is to come.  I cannot wait to make you all apart of the village that makes me function!

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