If only he could be with them everyday.

When you think of grandparents, what is the first trait that comes to mind?  I always think of those cartoons that show grandmothers baking cookies and grandfathers giving the grandkids all the things the parents won’t give them.  Those scenarios are usually followed by a ‘don’t tell your parents’ or if the grandparents are actually caught by the parents, they say ‘sshhh, go away!  They can have whatever they want!’.  Me, personally, I could not wait for these things to happen.

With Lucas becoming more interactive, his grandparents just eat it up!  They do everything with him, give him everything and they wish they had more arms to squeeze him.  The only down side to all of this is how often it gets to happen.  We knew when we moved away from Indiana in 2007 that we would be sacrificing time with our families; yet we never knew that it would be sacrificing so much when Lucas came into our lives.  He really only gets MAYBE two months total in a year of time with them.  It is definitely not what I had envisioned the life for my child would be like.  I remember my grandparents being a very big part of my life growing up and I had hoped the same for our child.  While it’s not a reality at this time, technology has a way of putting a band aid on this ouchie.

Between Facebook and Skype, Lucas knows, and will always know who his family is, near and far.  He gets such a big smile on his face when he sees the laptop get set up for Skype.  He actually doesn’t know what to do when he sees those family members in person!  While I’m not completely certain how I feel about that, it’s truly the only way he can remain close and connected with all his family at this time.  Maybe one day our options will be different, but at this time, we work with what God gives us.

As some of you may know, I lost my father when I was 12 (that whole story will be for a different post) and while it was painful at the time to lose him, I’ve never completely understood the loss until I would hit different milestones.  While my mother has since remarried (to a great guy and a great fit for our family), I still occasionally wish my father could have met my husband and my son.  This post will hopefully be a reminder to those who have your family close to not take them for granted.  They are such a treasure and so helpful that you will hopefully absorb all the time you have with them.  If they offer to help in any way, take them up on it.  You’ll never regret them being there and being apart of your child’s life.

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