Remain Grateful In All Times

Today, as I sat listening to another Sunday sermon, a person brought up a common story in these troubling times and this particular one seemed to strike me.  A person of the congregation mentioned attending a community dinner on Wednesday and wanted us to pray for a particular person she met there.  The person’s name was ‘Lynn’ (not certain on her particular spelling) and she was homeless, living out of her truck in the Renton Wal-Mart parking lot.

Lynn is at her fringed ends as her and some other people with her were officially kicked out of the parking lot.  Lynn was unable to leave as her truck was inoperable.  It’s stories like this that a) remind me to be grateful in all times and b) I’ve come a very long way in a decade.  It was less than a decade ago I chose to live in my car rather than let anyone know I was homeless.  I wasn’t shunned by my family, I just had too much pride to go ask for help.  I eventually got my life sorted out and got my own place, but it took a humbling experience like that to remind me, I am a very blessed person.

I was lucky in the fact I wasn’t confined to my car for long; some of these people live this way for years.  We should always note that even though we may not be able to afford the best cars, food, clothes or house, we are EXTREMELY blessed to have any of those items and have them in a functioning manner.  We are blessed to be in good health and to live in a society that doesn’t try to constantly oppress us.  (I know some of you will disagree with that, but really, we are a very free country.)

From today on, please take a moment each day to be thankful and grateful for all that you have and all that you are.  Every day is a miracle and everyone around you should remind you of that.

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2 thoughts on “Remain Grateful In All Times

  1. Ashley says:

    So true. Great reminder!

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