First Things First, Introduction

I may come from a generation that has changed up some values, but I hail from the Midwest so I still believe in some core, old school values. Introductions is definitely one of them. Hi, I’m Chrystal. I’m a twenty-something living outside Seattle. I’m a first time homeowner, first time mom to Lucas (who I get to enjoy staying home with, most of the time) and I’m a newly wed to a guy who I had no idea I was looking for, Noah.

I worked in retail for 12 years before taking a ‘break’ and becoming a mom. And I have to admit, being a mom is truly the toughest job I have EVER had. I used to think dealing with people who didn’t understand return policies was difficult! Yet, being a mom is so rewarding; even when I’m so tired, I want to relive the scene from Rocky when he asks his coach to cut his eyes so he can see to fight. But I just chug down a couple cups of coffee to fight off the urge to cut my eyes.

I had been with my now husband for quite some time before we found out we were going to have Lucas. While Lucas was a surprise, he was the best surprise ever. Noah and I were both told, by medical professionals, that having children probably wouldn’t be in our cards. But the moons aligned and we found on August 13th, 2010 (Friday the 13th!) that Lucas had found us and he was going to take our lives down a different path. Now, yes, Noah and I were not married, but like a lot of twenty-something folks, we just never felt the urge to go running down the isle. We were perfectly content in our party-all-the-time state and we felt no need to change it up with a piece of paper. But with Lucas on his way, we decided to get our rears in gear and we went house shopping.

By March of 2011, we bought our first home and Lucas arrived just a couple weeks later. WHEW! CUTTING IT CLOSE! But hey, he was 10 days late and that worked out for everyone. All the grandparents were able to fly in just in time to see him be born and that kid doesn’t even understand how spoiled he is. By the end of June, we were married and The Marner household was official! We may not have gone the route that the general public finds ‘traditional’, but hey, like I said earlier, I come from a generation that has changed up some values. So let’s all get passed the stigma of ‘what’s traditional’ and just live.

I decided to start this blog to put my own voice out there with my take on this whole ‘new homeowner’, ‘new mom’, AND ‘newly wed’ trifecta I’m taking on. While it may seem like a weird, bumpy ride, it’s MY weird and bumpy ride and I’m loving it! I hope you will follow along and enjoy my tidbits that I look forward to sharing with you. Cheers!

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One thought on “First Things First, Introduction

  1. Ashley says:

    LOVE IT! Can’t wait to

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